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Damon Nelson

Damon Nelson is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Webinar Speaker, and Online Marketer. Over the last 35+ years, he has built multiple retail businesses and has been responsible for helping many others start and grow both their businesses and online presence.

Mr. Nelson has been in the internet marketing world for the last 15 years specifically in the automated marketing genres that includes his own successful product launches of VidPenguin, RSSMasher Technology, and Masher Sites. He is also recognized in many domainers circles for his domain brokerage and SEO businesses.

Along with some of the best selling strategy courses on autoblogging and social syndication, including VidMinions, RSS Pro mastermind Training, Facebook Takeoff Strategies, Perfect Buyer Blueprint, ImprovPal, and many online training courses.

As an Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Product Creator living his own lifestyle career, Mr. Nelson wants to help you achieve this too.

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